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Seller’s Guide

I will help you prepare, price, and market your San Francisco area property. I work hard for my clients and guarantee quality service and professionalism. You can count on me to be transparent and honest every step of the process. I’ll show your space to qualified buyers and skillfully negotiate on your behalf to secure the best price and the quickest closing.

Sell : Selling Process


Helen Zhong和Rachel Liu房地产经纪人团队,打破了湾区房产经纪独行侠的模式,通过两人搭档合作的方式,把最佳工作状态和最大化工作效率呈现在客户面前。无论您是首次购房、购房投资、还是出售房产,我们都秉承顾客至上的宗旨,让您在安家、投资与售房的过程中享受专业并贴心的服务。

7 Edgewood Pl, Belmont



579 Odyssey Ln, Milpitas


5977 Gemwood Loop, San Jose


Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 4.15.06 PM.png

1571 22nd Ave, San Francisco


296 Edgewater Dr, Milpitas


Sell : Properties for Sale
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